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Kakimochi, Arare & Senbei

Hawaii's favorite local snack, Kakimochi is also known as Arare or Mochi Crunch.  Wholesale Unlimited has all your favorites; Yakko Arare and Iso Peanuts, Kimi Balls and Mochi Balls, Nori Arare and Wasabi flavored treats. We even carry the famous Wasabi Iso Peanuts served at the Four Seasons Hotels. It's the perfect snack for your next trip to the beach, your next round of golf, or going local style at the movies. There's nothing better than a bucket of buttered popcorn with Arare mixed in it! If you're looking for a healthy sweet snack, most of our Senbei from Hawaii Candy are cholesterol free and fat free. Want to learn more about Kakimochi, Arare & Senbei?

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